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F, FK, TTF, AC Hit Canterlot Part 4 :iconnsegahasbrosony:NSegaHasbroSony 0 0
F, FK, TTF, AC Hit Canterlot Part 3
Fashionista, The Future Knight, The Twin Tailed Genius, and The Animal Care Taker hit Canterlot part 3: Mysteries afoot
The Manager had led our group to the exhibit that had contained the diamond. They was now in a detective clothes that Rarity made for them. Silver was wearing a dark brown coat, black pants, black shirt, and black shoes and he wore a narrow hat on his head. Fluttershy was dressed in black clothes, consisting of a knee-length black skirt, black shirt and black coat, plus a black beret on her head, and black boots on her feet. Tails wore clothes of the same color as Fluttershy, with the only difference being that he was not wearing a headdress. Trixie was dressed in the same clothes as Rarity. They entered the large hall, where there were a lot of police officers, security guards, and many others. Broken glass lying on the floor. One of the policemen, who takes readings from the guard noticed a detective team, and nodded to them with a frown. SRTFT nodded at him back by
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F, FK, TTF, AC Hit Canterlot Part 2
Upon arrival the group were at first astounded by what they saw in the main lobby. The whole place was filled with relics of the old times of Equestria. They then went up to the stand and look at the monuments on display. Tails then spoke.
"Wow these are really good. Whoever made these did really nice work." He said as he was looking at the one to his right. The three nodded in agreement, and then they kept on looking through the place as Tails and Silver were really in intrigue by some of the art work put into it, as Fluttershy and Rarity were looking elsewhere at some sculptures. Rarity then found one that really caught her attention.
"Oh wow this diamond here looks simply fabulous doesn't it Fluttershy?" She said as she then looks as she notices Fluttershy wasn't there and was looking at the portraits of animals. Rarity smiled as she looks at her friend.
Hmm should've known she would be observing those portraits. Rarity thought as she looked at Fluttershy and then turned her attenti
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F, FK, TTF, AC Hit Canterlot Part 1
The train arrived at the main station in Canterlot. The passengers left their cars, and went out onto the landing platform. From the third car of the train head, a certain fashionista accompanied by her mobian boyfriend got out of the wagon. Rarity wore a smile on her face, and a good mood for her soul, while Silver was neutral, and his face was emotionless. Today Rarity was wearing a nice purple shirt with a purple skirt and purple shoes. Needless to say however that Silver used his powers to help Rarity with her things. A pile of suitcases and bags levitated beside them. After they left the station, they started their unhurried way ... to somewhere. Rarity spun around as she looked at the site of the beautiful city of Canterlot.
"Aaahhh, Canterlot. It's so good to be back right Silvy?" Silver blushed at his nick name that Rarity gave him. After what happened the night before Sonic and Twilight's wedding they started going out as a couple. However Silver tries to take his line with Ra
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Appleousa rough house. Meeting the Ex part 3
Appleousa rough house. Meeting the Ex part 3
Sonic is running around the entire town of Appleousa trying to find his wife. He asked everyone around town, but to no prevail. Sonic started to grow more worried. He hasn't seen Twilight in under an hour as that was after their little fight. As he ran back in forth in his panicked state but then he then ran into Sally who was happy to see him.
"Oh hello Sonic." She said however Sonic wasn't in any mood talk.
"Not now Sal. I need to find Twilight." He said as he tried to walk away, but then Sally grabs him by his hand.
"Come on it will be a quick second." She then pulled on him. Though he wasn't having any of it.
"Sally, I don't have any time for this, Twilight's gone missing and it's my fault." He tried to escape her grip, but Sally was stronger than him. Sonic found himself stuck and in her grasp.
"Sonic please let me comfort you." Sally said as she turned Sonic to her and looked concern. Sonic felt concern for her and then stopped resisti
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Appleousa rough house. Meeting the Ex part 2
Appleousa rough house. Meeting the Ex part 2
The next day came as Sonic woke up with Twilight right next to him in bed. With Twilight being in her undergarments and all under the covers. That's when an alarm went off surprising the two with Sonic falling off the bed and Twilight springing up. Sonic then growled as he saw the alarm clock. He then grabbed and threw it across the room where it would've smashed a wall except Twilight was able to catch it with her magic. She then turned to Sonic as she looked at him annoyingly.
"Sonic, please try not to break all my alarm clocks. Seriously that would've been my fifth one." She said annoyed with Sonic. Sonic then crossed his arms.
"Well I can't help it. You know how much I hate alarm clocks." He said as he looked away as he was stretching . Twilight then sighed.
"Well I don't know about you, but I'm going to go take a shower." She said. Sonic then smirked as he grabbed her before she entered the bathroom. Sonic then spun her until they were
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Appleousa rough house. Meeting the Ex Part 1
The sun was setting behind the moving train as it was approaching what looked like an old western town. Behind the whole town, there was a huge orchard of apples, which was owned by Applejack's cousins Braeburn. He was busy in the orchard with a few others working on the farm, as he was kicking the apples from the trees. Braeburn had just finished his batch and was pulling on a whistle.
"ALRIGHT Y'ALL, BREAK TIME!" He cried out. Everyone heard this and all grabbed their buckets and brought them into town. Braeburn was then starting to bring his when he tripped and the apples almost got everywhere. That's when somebody caught the basket and all the apples that were flung into the air. Braeburn then got up as he put his hat on his head.
"Mighty kind of ya. Thanks." The mysterious person then handed the basket as she spoke in a feminine voice.
"It's no trouble at all." She said. Braeburn then got a look at her. She looked like a Chipmunk with red hair wearing a blue shirt, light blue ring
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M.A.O.E Chapter 2: Heading out
Heading Out
Sonic had just finished packing what he needed as he was ready. Last night Twilight had planned everything out and explained even though Sonic fell asleep since Twilight can get carried away. He was about to head out when Spike came in walking through the door before he could get out.
"Oh hey Spike what's up." Sonic said as he turned to his little dragon companion.
"I just wanted to ask how long are you and Twilight going to be on vacation?" He asked him. Sonic hadn't thought about it, but he didn't want to disappoint Spike by not giving an answer.
"Not sure Spike, but it won't be forever I promise you that much." He said to him though Spike asked him something else.
"Why on earth, do you and Twilight have to go on this trip?" He asked though Sonic tried to give him the best answer he can come up with.
"Well ..." Sonic spoke as he scratched his head, "... it's just I've been getting antsy just wanting to explore everywhere, and Twi was getting worried about me, so she decid
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Many Adventures Of Equestria Ch. 1
Travel Preparations.
It had been about 2 weeks since Sonic and Twilight's wedding. The two have never been so happy. Though most of the time Twilight and him usually try to give each other space because they're either busy or Sonic is out on his runs.
Twilight didn't mind that he would take off for a while she was used to it, but Sonic sometimes would stay up a little late some nights as Twilight noticed. She started to become worried for him. She's asked him about it, but everytime Sonic just denied it saying he was fine. One day though Twilight had decided enough was enough. This day she was in a library and read her books as she usually did, when Sonic got back from his daily jog.
He comes in through the door of the library as he was going in, when he saw Twilight sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace. She was wearing her usual clothes that she used to wear in a free time. It was her purple shirt, blue jeans, and her lavender sneakers. Hearing her husband's steps, Twilight
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Three way crossover :iconnsegahasbrosony:NSegaHasbroSony 1 0 Logo combined :iconnsegahasbrosony:NSegaHasbroSony 0 0 Three girls. One adventure :iconnsegahasbrosony:NSegaHasbroSony 0 3 OC galore :iconnsegahasbrosony:NSegaHasbroSony 0 0 Golden Pineapple :iconnsegahasbrosony:NSegaHasbroSony 1 0
EG meets MB chapter 8
Chapter 8: Battle For Home. Until We Meet Again
Sonic had just caught up with the others as they were entering the boutique. All of them were in a very excited mood.
"I still can't believe we were able to pull it off." Fluttershy said.
"Me neither. After all the gym was in bad shape, but we were able to fix it." Cream said with a big smile on her face
"Well I can and you wanna know why? We're awesome that's why." Rainbow said. Knuckles and Shadow just rolled their eyes at Rainbow while Sonic smirked at Rainbow.
"Alright enough chitter-chat. If we're going to the dance we need to look fabulous." Rarity said as she and silver brought a racket of dresses and suits.
"Rarity's right come on guys. It's time to get ready." Silver said
(This our big night instrumental- EG)
Everyone nodded as they all started to get ready. First they each were picking out a dress or suit to wear to the dance. Easier said then done for some, since some of them weren't into some of Rarity and Silver's ideas for w
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EG meets MB chapter 7
Author: Hey guys NSH here so before we start this chapter I want to inform you guys of somethings. So for starters I have an official MLP Amino account. If you don't know what it is. It's-
Pinkie took a deep breath in as I looked at her in disbelief.
Author: Um okay. Anyways so yeah my profile name is Sky so for those of you who have it be sure to follow me. Anyways on with the chapter.
Chapter 7: Truth Revealed. Bring the school together
(Normal- Sonic Rush Adventure)
The group was walking down the halls, but as they were they noticed students from different groups talking with each other. They all smiled at the sight as they were all happy to see all those smiles.
"Doesn't everyone look fabulous." Rarity asked admiring the ears and ponytails the students were wearing.
"Well what did we tell ya? Huh?" Silver asked looking back at Sonic and Twilight. Sonic smir
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Matia and Matiara :icontheflippy59:TheFlippy59 27 0
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Fashionista, The Future Knight, The Twin Tailed Genius, and The Animal Care Taker hit Canterlot part 4: Mystery solved. Enter Fang the sniper/Nack the weasel
Rarity's narration
We made our way to the underground and began to search for Nack or Fang. We made sure to stay away from a lot of the ponies here. In Canterlot underground you could find some of the lowest of the low here. Ruffians, thieves, and other unpleasant ones. Of course even I never thought I'd set foot here, but it was the only way to put an end to this case once and for all. I looked around trying to spy our little friend, but it was like trying to find a piece of fabric in a huge draw
Narration ends
Silver turns to shush Rarity by place his finger on her lips. "Rarity I love you, but you seriously need to stop especially when we are trying to stay hidden and in a place like this." Silver said spreading his arms out motioning around the area. The others agreed with Silver this time as they kept moving. Rarity 'hmph' as they kept walking. That's when they turned a corner and Tails spotted Fang and pushed the others back.
"Tails? What's wrong?" Trixie asked him, as she was confused by his action. Tails smirked as he locked his eyes on a purple weisel mercenary, who was walking through the crowd toward a small bar. After Fang entered the bar, Tails turned to the others as his grin became wider.
"Follow me." He said. The others then looked at each other as they approached the bar. Rarity then decided to do her Narration again as they approached the bar.
Rarity's Narration
Apple's jumble. I heard about this place from a good friend of mine. If you wanted to find someone this would be the place to look for them. Tails had gone in with the rest of us following behind him. I entered last to cover their back if it's needed. As we entered, we stopped near the entrance, to take a better look on this place. There were lots of shady characters so we had to act like we were part of the crowd. As we blended in Tails got us all some drinks as we looked for our man of an hour. We spotted him near one of the table as he was sitting alone.
And now I saw him alive. He looks exactly like on Tails's computer, but much older. We decided to play it well.
End of Narration
Rarity had silenced herself as they turned to Fang. Silver, Tails, Trixie and Fluttershy tried to be careful with him, and kept a distance for Fang didn't suspect them. They approached a table that was on a corner of the bar and settled down around it by keeping their eyes on weisel who sat along the bar counter.
"Alright, there he is." Tails said quietly almost in whisper, "Speaking in once, I am not really helpful in exposure, because he knows me." He then glanced at Silver, "I'm afraid that you Silver is out of the game too."
Silver nodded, "I agree. Mobian hedgehog here in Canterlot underground is not an ordinaly thing." He agreed with Tails, before he glanced at Fang, "But what can stop me from attacking this guy right now?"
"We need to be sure, that he took the diamond with him, Silvy darling." Rarity answered Silver's question, "If we grab him too early, and give him to the police, he would hardly say about where the diamond is."
"Trixie agrees." Trixie agreed with her frowning, "Besides we may lose a larger fish if we try to grab him."
"You mean the Client. Exactly." Tails confirmed her words, "We need to proceed carefully." He said before all five turned their eyes at Fang, "Any ideas?"
Five was silent for a moment, when Rarity got an idea, "I can do it." She suggested, "I can go to him, to start a conversation.. I saw that he had already drank a second cup of drink, and he seems to be a talkative person."
"Are you sure?" Fluttershy asked worried, "He has guns. If he understands your intentions, he attacks you."
"I agree with Fluttershy, Rarity." Silver began to become worried for his girl, "Do not go on the rampage."
"Do not worry Darlings. I can handle this ruffian here. Wish me luck." She said, before she got up and turned her eyes on Fang. As she walked over Fang had a sip of his drink. He then turns to her and smirks.
"Hiya toots, you looking for something here?" He said his voice gruff and looking right at Rarity. She desperately thought of something as she didn't want him to get suspicious
"I…..just noticed you here and nothing more, how are you enjoying here in Canterlot?" She asked, trying to sweet talk with him.
"Hehe, this place ain't so bad, a bit snotty in some part but this place is great!" He said as he took another sip of his drink. She liked this as she then tried talking again.
"What do you also think of the museums here in Canterlot?" Rarity asked hoping to get something out of Fang. Fang smirked as he lowered his hat.
"Mmmm kind of dull for my tastes, but they do contain some rare valuables." He said as he lowered his hat and smirked at her. "Why do you ask?" He said to Rarity curiously. Rarity turned worried and a nervous grin flashed on her face as she didn't knew what to answer.
"Oh, I just asked you for no reason." She quickly came up with the answer, "It's Canterlot after all. Our capital is famous for its museums. Anyone who visits Canterlot must visit our museums at first." She said as she shots at him an innocent smile on her face. Fang raised his left eyebrow in question, but then he smirks at her, before he turned to her completely, and leaned his right elbow on the counter.
"Well I don't think you need to worry about that when you traveled here on business." He said. Rarity then smirks at him in response.
"You came here for business?" She asked him with her voice sounded flirtatiously. Fang nodded, before he turned back to his mug, still smirking and made another big sip of his drink.
"Yeah, sorta." He answered. "Though it's highly classified information, sweetie." He smiled as he lowered his hat. Rarity though knew she was gonna have to use her charm to make him talk.
"Mmm, that's very interesting." She went up to Fang and then place her hand on his shoulder and then puts two of her fingers down his cheek. "Are some sort of a secret agent?" She said as she moved her fingers up and booped his nose. Fang smirked at this, before he took another sip of his drink.
"No, girl." He replied, "I'm just doing some work, which is, well ... let's say that it is not entirely legitimate." He then removed her hand from his cheek, "You're not like the kind of girls who are interested in the guys outside the law. What brought you here?"
Rarity sat down on a chair next to the mercenary, still smiling flirtatiously, "Oh, this is the highest community is very boring. The girls like me sometimes lacking the extreme." She said as her voice was soft and very lovingly, "I decided to come here in search of thrills."
Fang could not help but laughed at her words, "Thrills." He said, before he finished his drink, and then he turned to Rarity, as his grin grew wider, "If you decided that I can give you the thrills, you caught me not at the right time." He then paid the bartender, and stood up, by placing his hand on his revolver, "I'm afraid to disappoint you baby, but as I said, I have things that I have to finish right now."
"Are you going? So fast?" Rarity said as her voice sounded plaintively, "And you're ready to leave me alone here?"
Fang shook his head, by being impressed by her perseverance, and then he moved very close to her, and bent over her left ear. Rarity gasped nervously because it was not what she expected. Nervously grinning, she looked at her friends who continued to stare at her. Silver, seeing as the polarity changed, clenched his fists, seeing as Fang moved to the offensive to his girlfriend. He gritted his teeth and frowned, and was about to rise from his chair. But Rarity just shook her head sharply, trying to stop it so it does not spoil the entire job. Tails, Fluttershy and Trixie noticed his behavior and magician put a hand on his shoulder to keep him quiet.
"Silver, don't do that." She asked him in a low voice, "Hold on a little bit. She almost got it."
"I will never stand when some mercenary stick to my girlfriend!" Silver growled through clenched teeth.
"Silver, No!" Tails told him, "He's got guns. If you attack him now, he may hurt her."
Meanwhile, Fang leaned over his left eye Rarity, grinning devilishly, "Don't worry, baby." He said quietly and ominously, "I always have a time for you and your friends who sits around the table in the right corner of the bar." Rarity's eyes got wide with horror when she realized that he understood her intentions. Then she felt like some elongated object rested against her stomach, and gasped softly. She looked down to see how Fang holds a gun at her stomach. She gasped in terror and looked into his eyes to see his menacing eyes and his clenched teeth bared.
"Don't move!" He demanded, "Maybe you know magic, but your magic will not be enough to stop a bullet!", Rarity began to tremble with fear. She had heard stories from Silver about this weapon, and knew what could happen with her.
"Sir, what are you doing?" Rarity asked with a trembling voice.
"So you came here to catch me? Mishandled wolf in sheep's clothing?" Fang said with a fierce and menacing tone in his voice.
"Sir, I don't understand what you are saying." Rarity lied, trying to defend herself, "Please, remove this thing from my stomach. I'm scared."
"Don't you dare lie to me!" Fang barked at her, "I saw you near the museum so I know who you are. You and all your buddies. Do you really thought I am so stupid, that forgot your face?"
Meanwhile, at the table, the guys saw how Fang revealed Rarity's intentions, and became horrified when he put a gun to her stomach. Especially Silver, whose fear increased significantly. He then abruptly stood up from the table, and was ready to rush to save her. He changed his mind when he saw Fang took out another gun and pointed at him, with weisel's head turned in his direction. Fang shook his head thus mentally saying to Silver, that now all the trumps in his hands. Much to Silver glared at him in response. He knew that even the use of his power was dangerous, because the pistol with the hammer cocked can shoot from any superfluous movement, so he froze, and his eyes locked on Fang, who practically took Rarity as a hostage.
Fang grinned, when he managed to turn the situation into in his favor, "So many familiar faces." He said, and then looked at Rarity, "Well, then, Miss Rarity. If you want to remain intact, and IF you don't want your boyfriend to be hurt, you have to do what I say. Don't even try to make any unnecessary movements, or use silly spells. I have a deal that I need to finish, and get a reward for my work, and then you can do whatever you want. I do not care what you do afterwards, I just want to get my money. We both don't need too much violence, right?"
"You won't get off so easily, Fang!" Rarity said sternly, and with a frown, "We will get you sooner or later!"
"I've heard it a thousand times my dear!" Fang said, grinning. That's when Trixie decided to pull a trick of her own and pulled her hat down to cloak her horn as she spoke.
"Alright…..alright calm down. Trixie believes we can make an agreement. So maybe if we let you go you'll let Trixie's friend go?" She asked while under her hat her horn was glowing. Fang had Rarity close and the pistol still pointed at her head.
"You take me for a fool? Lady I'm going to tell you I know that little fox friend of yours back there and I know of his little tricks so don't even try it." He said as the revolver was on Rarity's head. What he wasn't noticing was an aura surrounding Rarity. Trixie then smirked.
"Well you may know his tricks….but…." She looked at Rarity real quick and saw the aura had completely covered her and then smirked. "You don't know TRIXIE'S!" She yelled at him, before pushing Rarity away from Fang's grip, and levitating her back to them. Fang was shocked by this on since Rarity was a guarantee of a successful escape, but now he had to act quickly. He aimed on the company of friends and opened heavy fire from both revolvers, so Tails Trixie and overthrew the tables to create a small cover from the bullets. They ducked under the tables, and there Tails again activated his arm cannon. Silver, meanwhile, embraced Rarity, and looked at her body in search for any damage. Rarity though felt happy that he was worrying for her, but uncomfortable with the fact that it occurs in humans. She took his hand and looked into his eyes, smiling.
"Silvy, darling." She spoke, "It's fine. He did not harm me, but we need to stop him from getting away." Silver nodded as he tried to look up, but ducked to avoid the bullets he then noticed Trixie was behind the counter. Silver looked to her and then at Rarity.
"Rarity go to Trixie and stay hidden okay…." He asked. Rarity was worried and wanted to argue with him, but she then saw that Silver was being serious, "Listen. I know, that you could handle him on your own, but he has guns… and I'd rather not see you get shot by them. Please Rarity." Rarity then looked down for a sec and then pecked her boy on the cheek.
"Alright Silvy go get that ruffian." She said as she left to hide with Trixie. Tails witnessed it and looked to Fluttershy. Fluttershy knew what he wanted her to do.
"Flutters go I can handle this guy, but he has something that could give a really bad wounds." He said as he held her hand, "Go to the girls and keep yourself safe while we dealing with Fang." He then frowned, "And Don't! Come! Out! Please." Fluttershy nodded, before she hugged him tightly, thus wishing him luck. Tails hugged her back and patted her. After they separated, Tails stood up and made several shots at Fang so Fluttershy could run to the others. Fang jumped in the air dodging the shots as he focused his aim on Tails. Fluttershy dove to cover with Rarity and Trixie while Tails and Silver tried to attack him, but they were pinned. Each time he ran out they would launch and attack, but Fang was a quick one to reload so it was a stand off. After another series of shots, Fang jumped over the bar counter and ducked under cover to reload a guns. After he made a reload, he stood up again and aimed at his opponents. He opened a fire.
Tails and Silver ducked again, and glanced at each other by exchanging a hopeless looks on their faces, and then they glanced at the girls who was looking at them worrying.
"It seems that situation is not on their side!" Trixie stated, "They're not even have time to make an attack, when he starts shooting again and again."
"Oh my ..." Fluttershy whimpered, frightened, "But we can not do anything."
"If Twilight was here, we could teleport behind him and help the boys." Rarity suggested also feeling helpless. But Trixie made her eyes wide when she heard about teleportation, and smiled, "Hey, Trixie has a plan." She said, and then looked at the girls, "Gather around me." The girls looked at each other at first and then gathered around Trixie. Trixie then focused her magic on her, Rarity, and Fluttershy. They three then vanished; they then reappeared behind Fang but a little distant so they weren't spotted. When they looked around and saw they were near Fang Rarity then was able to get Silver and Tails attention when Fang was reloading. She motioned that they were gonna subdue him and Tails and Silver knew just what to do to distract Fang as they nodded. After that Tails raised his hands up.
"Alright, you won. Hold your fire!" He shouted.
Fang was surprised by this but he stopped the fire and stood up to see if it wasn't lie. He then saw Tails is standing in his full height and with both hands up, with a look of defeat on his face. Fang then grinned at him and pointed a gun on his side.
"And the second one?" He asked referring to Silver. Silver then stood up too with his hands over his head and glared at the mercenary. Fang laughed wickedly over them as he held them at gunpoint, and his face looked triumphant.
"Well, well, well." He said after he stopped laughing, "Look what we have here. Miles Tails Prower Sonic's lap dog and his hand-dog…" He then raised his right eyebrow at the fact they were surrendering so easily, "And they actually surrendering…. No, it's way too easy." He then turned to where the girls 'were' hiding and spoke. "You three come out right now." He called them out, but there was no answer. Instead, there was silence, that caught Fang into surprise. That's when he heard Rarity yelling at him.
"OVER HERE YOU RUFFIAN!" Her voice boomed behind his back, prompting him to wide his eyes in surprise and looking back over his shoulder. He then gasped and was ready to shoot them down, but before he could make it, Rarity kicked one of his guns out of his hand, and performed a roundhouse kick onto his stomach by knocking Fang on the floor. The gun landed where Fluttershy was, but the handle was pointed in her direction and the barrel at Fang. Fluttershy gasped by fixing her eyes on it and fell into trance not knowing what to do with this thing.
Meanwhile, Fang groaned in pain as he was lying on the floor, and holding his stomach with his left hand, while still having a gun in his right. He then opened his eyes and glanced at Rarity, who was staring at him down with a frown and her teeth bared.
"Don't you ever point a gun to lady! NEVER!" She said with an angry voice, but Fang was not scared of her words, and frowned deeper at herm before he pointed his second gun to her face.
"Try to force me, you bitch!" He snapped, and was ready to made another shot.
"STOP!" Fluttershy's screams sounded nearby, prompting him to turn to her, by being in shock. He saw yellow pony-girl staring at him with wide eyes and sweat rolling down on her face as she pointed a gun on his direction.
"Don't move!" Fluttershy said again, as her hands was trembling with fear. She was shaking with fear, so much that it was obvious to everyone. Silver and Tails saw it and rushed to their girlfriends to help them. Silver knocked out a second gun from Fang's hands, what brought him out of his trance. He then grabbed him by the collar and lifted off the ground, by fiercely staring into his eyes. Tails meanwhile approached to Fluttershy closer and took her hands gently. Only now he could feel how scared she was. Because of her trembles, the gun was shakes from side to side.
"Hey, Fluttershy…" Tails spole softly, "Put the gun down. There's no reason to hold it anymore." He suggested. Fluttershy agreed as she bent down and placed the gun on the floor not wanting to go anywhere near it again. They then walked over to the others
Meanwhile, Silver placed Fang down on the ground and punched him on the face in avange for threatening his girlfriend. The weisel hit the wall groaning in pain, before he lifted his eyes to his attackers and glared at ji,m, understanding now that he failed his mission. Tails then spoke as his blaster was pointed at Fang as they all surrounded and cornered him.
"It's over Fang." He said. Fang at first gritted his teeth at the five, but then turned to a window to see two other Mobians with one holding an explosive. He then smirked as he looked at Tails.
"Sorry to disappoint ya mate, but I'm afraid it ain't over." He said. That's when something landed on the ground and they all turned to it. It was a black sphere with a fuse that's when they all went wide eyed. That's when it went off and smoke was all over the place. They were all coughing while Fang made his escape. Tails and the others turned to him.
"Nice try boys and girls. Better luck next time." He said as he lowered his hat and then left with the other two. Tails then gritted his teeth and grunted.
"UGH! GOT AWAY… AGAIN!" He shouted in anger. Silver then grabbed his shoulder.
"Maybe, but I got the feeling we'll be seeing him real soon." He said. Fluttershy, Rarity, and Trixie came up to them with Fang's bag, he dropped during the firefight. The guys looked at the girls and smiled
"Well shall we return what was stolen?" Rarity asked by being proud. The others said nothing in response and just nodded in agreement, before they left the bar and kept their way toward the museum.
Raritys Final Narration
As we left we felt quite proud of ourselves for figuring out the case and getting the diamond back. Its unfortunate that he got away and we still didn't know who that client was, who gave a job to this ruffian. But at least we got the diamond and we can return it back to where it should be.
Soon we reached the museum. As we was near the main entrance, we saw the Manager who was probably awaits for us. We then showed him the bag as he took the diamond and showed us his gratitude. While the others were getting dressed I found myself wondering about Fang. Where did he go? Who hired him? And the most important question where would he strike next? These are questions that have not yet had a response. For now though I better rest until the next mystery.
Narration ends
Rarity had came out of the room as the others were already dressed in their clothes they wore before all this started. They went out in a street again by walking on the evening Canterlot streets with a smiles on their faces, and enjoying each other company. Though they looked exhausted.
"Well that was fun, but I'm completely bushed after that." Tails said. The others nodded, but Rarity smiled as she got another idea.
"Oh, do not worry, dear Tails." She said, "I have an idea that will help us to let off steam." She then gave a big smile. That's when they arrived at a hot springs place and went in and the pony at the front desk turned to them and smiled. She had a light blue fur coat and a pink mane and tail with a white headband and was wearing a nice white coat with white pants.
"Well hello Rarity." She said to her friend.
"Hello Alotus I'm here for the appointment I scheduled for today." She said. Alotus smiled at her friend as she went to the door.
"Of course. You know you do me and my sister a big honor when you visit the spa or the hot springs here." She said as they walked through the building.
"Well you and your sister provide the best relaxation in all of Equestria and it's nice to know how you feel about my visits darling." She said as they reached the locker rooms
"Well you five are the last ones for today so please stay as long as you'd like and enjoy yourselves." She said as she left them. Tails and Silver went into the men's locker room while Rarity, Fluttershy, and Trixie went into the women's locker room. The guys had already taken off their clothes back at the museum before going to the springs. They slipped off their shoes and gloves then grabbed a towel and went into the springs. Meanwhile the girls were stripping off their outfits and placed them in their lockers once all their clothes were off they each grabbed a towel and entered the springs. The guys had gone into a separate spring and we're relaxing. The girls had made it to the springs and let the towels slip off. They entered the spring with Rarity giving off a satisfying moan as well as the other two. Trixie then sighed in relaxation.
"Oh…*sigh*... Trixie so enjoys the hot springs. They make Trixie feel like the world's troubles are far away." She said as she let herself sink in a little further into the spring. Fluttershy giggled over Trixie's behaviour before she closed her eyes too and made a deep and long sigh of relaxation.
"Mmmmmmm…" She moaned, "You're so right, Trix." She said before she opened her eyes and turned to Rarity, "Rarity, it was such a great idea to go here after everything that's happened." She said with a smile. Rarity smiled back.
"Oh it was my pleasure darling. After all I know what my friends need when it comes to this type of situation." She said with her voice sounded relaxed and satisfied. She then sighed again and closed her eyes, by feeling her body relaxing more and more. After that she opened her eyes again, as she thought about Silver and how he was worrying for her during this mission. She always loved the fact that he cared for her more then himself. Her smile suddenly turned from relaxed drowsy smile to a naughty grin. She had another idea that she knew would please her love so much. She then decided to first tell Fluttershy. She turned to her pegasi friend and placed her hand on her shoulder. Fluttershy opened her eyes and looked at Rarity smiling as well.
"Yes, Rarity?" She spoke leisurely.
"Fluttershy, I think that to relax in solitude is a little out of our style." Rarity said with a playful tone in her voice. Fluttershy looked at her with her eyebrow lifting up.
"What… do you mean by that?" She asked. Rarity then moved to her ear and whispered something to her. As she whispered Fluttershy went wide eyed and blushed madly at it she then scooted away from her. "Y-Y-You really want to do that?" She asked Rarity
"Oh, come now darling…" Rarity said, "The boys probably are getting bored without us. Lets just make things interesting for them." She said as smiled, but Fluttershy looked away and squinted down like she had shrunk.
"I-I-I don't know…. The last time I did that Miles got spooked and almost flipped. What if something goes wrong like the last time I surprised him. He hates it when I do that without warning." She said with a worrying tone in her voice. Rarity smiled and spoke softly at her.
"Hey, he's your boyfriend. I think he will be happy to see you. Besides, surely he is now relaxed, and just wouldn't be able to react as he usually does." She said trying to calm her down. Fluttershy pondered her offer for some time before she sighed and smiled while still blushing. She turned back to Rarity, and she nodded in agreement
"Okay, I'm with you." She said with a sound of confidence in her voice. Rarity nodded, and then they looked at Trixie.
"Hey, Trixie." Rarity called her. Trixie leisurely and reluctantly opened her eyes, and then looked at Rarity, with half of her face under water.
"Boulle-boulle-boulle?" She asked. Much to Rarity made her eyes wide in question as she didn't understand what Trixie said. But then she just shook her head and smirked.
"We need to ask you something." She said.
Meanwhile the guys were laying in the Spring as Silver had his eyes closed, but Tails had his open with questions going through his mind. Silver took one quick look with one eye and then closed it.
"Tails you really need to relax dude." He said. Tails just kept looking on.
"I'm sorry Silver I can't help it. I keep thinking about Fang. I mean the dude went missing so long ago and now he suddenly appears like a ghost. Where has he been and why does he appear now?... *Sigh*... it's just hard to relax when there are so many questions that needs answers." He said. Silver then smirked.
"Tails look I'm worried about this as well, but for now we need to rest. So come on just relax, okay?" He said as he took his mug of cider and raised it up in front of him. Tails then gave up and took his own mug of cider. They clinked their mugs before they made a big gulp. After that they placed a mugs beside them and glanced to their right by smirking friendly.
"So, how is it going?" Silver asked the empty space, "Do you like it here?"
Before a response came out, there were sparkles and then bright flash behind them. The two made their eyes wide, before turning toward the flash. But just to open their mouths widely. They saw Rarity, Fluttershy and Trixie, who was standing right next to their hot spring. And they were without their towels. Rarity was grinning them, standing in the pose of a supermodel. Trixie also had no complex is in general. And only Fluttershy covered herself with hands and smiled awkwardly, with her deep red face.
"Hi boys." Rarity said flirtatiously. Guys are still in shock from the sight of that girl gave them, and then they looked at each other, in an effort to accept what they see right now. Of course they see their girls than their mother gave birth every day, but now they felt that the time is not appropriate. Looking at their girls back, they nodded to them slowly.
"Hi, girls." Tails said, slowly and awkwardly with his nose starting to turn red. Rarity and Trixie chuckled over their behavior before the magician spoke.
"Trixie and her friends thought that maybe you can find another room for us." She said flirtatiously as well. Tails and Silver grinned nervously, and then scratched their heads as they laughed awkwardly.
"Well, girls." Silver said, "You see ..."
"Now is not the right time." Tails continued his thought.
"Why?" Rarity asked, still sounded flirtatiously, "Do are you really going to leave three helpless girls to freeze?"
Silver, yet knew all too well his girlfriend to buy into this trick, "You? Helpless?" He asked with a sarcastic tone in his voice, "Pfft ... Very funny, Rarity."
Rarity's grin turned wider, "I'll take that as a yes." She said as went into the spring and approached Silver. She then spoke as she approached him "Sit yourselves comfortable, girls." Rarity then sat down next to Silver and then nuzzled to him, by wrapping his neck with both arms, and moaned in pleasure by closing her eyes as they were enjoying the spring. Silver smiled gently at her, and forgot everything when she was beside him. He gladly returned a hug as he wrapped her around her waist, and legs, and closed his eyes, too.
Fluttershy sat next to Tails, still embarrassed and smiling shyly. She continued to hide behind hands and wings. Tails just looked at her with a blank look on his face, not taking his eyes off her.
"Um, Miles. I'm sorry." She said shyly, "I know you asked me not to do that anymore ..." Tails suddenly came to his senses, and smiled at her, "But ... I thought that you want to relax and decided that this would be a good idea."
"Fluttershy, please." Tails said softly, "You don't need to think about it." He winked at her, "At first I always react like that, but I know you do it for me and you feel just as embarrassed, but it's alright cause it doesn't change anything." Fluttershy smiled happily when he said this, and then Tails extended his hand toward her, "Come here." He called her. Fluttershy then entered the Spring and came close to him, and almost sat on his knees. She tossed her legs on his knees, and clung to him as tightly as possible, clasping both of her arms around his neck. Tails hugged her around the back and caressed her wings. They exchanged a tender kiss, during which Tails embraced Fluttershy so tightly that she has no other choice but to sat on his knees. After they finished their kiss, they looked into each other's eyes and exchanged an affectionate smile.
Trixie looked at them with a smile on her face, at the same time feeling happy for her friends, and envy them, for obvious reasons.
"This picture is quite nice." A low man's voice sounded next to them, causing the girls to open their eyes wide, "But I would advise you to wait a little before you start the fun."
The girls gasped in fright and clung to their guys, as they began to ran their eyes around the room to find out who dared to interrupt their fun. Trixie quickly swam to Rarity and Silver and hugged them tightly, hoping to hide with Rarity behind Silver.
"Trixie." Silver groaned in surprise.
"What was it?" Fluttershy asked frightened as she hid behind her guy trying to cover herself, "Was it a ghost?"
"Well I'm not sure what it was but it was very close." Rarity said with a trembling voice, frightened as well as she grabbed Silvers arm.
"Trixie doesn't like it. Trixie doesn't know any spells against ghosts." Trixie stated also in a state of fright while hiding behind Silver as well.
Tails and Silver sighed as they flashed a grin, and then they looked in front of as Silver spoke.
"Man, don't be so mean. You're scaring the girls." Silver said sarcastically. The girls found themselves puzzled, and then they looked at Silver.
"Silver, who are you talking to?" Rarity wondered.
"Come on out there's no need to hide." Tails said. Fluttershy was about to ask Tails the same thing, but that's when they got their answer as they looked forward inadvertently, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Trixie gasped in embarrassment and blushing madly. Right in front of them, some kind of purple athletic guy with a big horn on its forehead appeared. Obviously, he was mobian, but they didn't see him before. The guys aside from the mystery Mobian then laughed awkwardly while Fluttershy and Rarity clung to their boyfriends more hard, indirectly hiding behind them, and Trixie moved from Silver and covered her breasts with her hands since the springs didn't conceal them fully.
"Hello, sir." They said at the same time, "We didn't see you here." Trixie said, but Mobian simply chuckled sarcastically.
"Oh, really?" He asked, as if laughing at them. Silver then sighed, before introducing him.
"Girls, allow me to introduce you... This is Espio the Chameleon." He said wearily, "He is our old friend from Mobius. He's a ninja, detective, a master of martial arts and camouflage."
"Nice to meet you, ladies." Espio greeted with girls, grinning, and bowing to them "Though in a frank and open atmosphere."
"It's nice to meet you too, sir." Rarity said while blushing in embarrassment, "Boys. Why didn't you tell us that you had a guest?"
"We warned you that now is not the time Rarity and this is what we meant." Tails said with a skeptical tone. Fluttershy then looked at him.
"But Miles. You didn't say that you were with a friend." Fluttershy noticed. But Tails looked at her, as he smiled and ran his fingers through her mane.
"And how do you think we were suppose to say it? Sorry girls, but you did come here out of nowhere so you can't exactly blame us." He said as he lifted one arm up and shrugged. Espio just smirked as he spoke.
"Forgive the rude interruption I wasn't trying to frighten anyone here I was merely practicing my ninja skills for a bit." He said as he sat down by closing his eyes and got into a meditating stance. Trixie looked at him and then spoke.
"Trixie is confused. Why is he like that and how long has he been here? Was it the whole time?"
"He's been here even before us, Trix." Silver stated, before he turned to Espio, "Hey, dude. Can you break your meditation for a moment and to tell your story. Like what your doing here by yourself?" He asked him with a cocky tone in his voice. Espio then sighed and opened his eyes by looking at him with a frown. He then crossed his arms and spoke.
"Well, let's say that I was here at the wrong time." He said with his voice sounded irritated, "You see I was planning to arrive for Sonic and Twilight's wedding in fact me and my friends Vector and Charmy were going to come, we were going to arrive a few days earlier, but got called in for a case. Apparently there have been a number of heists around Equestria by an unknown band. We agreed to look into it, but we were having trouble tracking the thieves down. It was then two days ago Vector had a suspicion of where the thieves would strike next and the three of us separated to keep an eye on these area's mine was Ponyville so I was able to come, but had to stay hidden and watch for the thief." Fluttershy then spoke with a curious tone.
"But if you were there why didn't you come to the wedding?" She asked. That's when Espio sighed and crossed his arms and looked away.
"I…..may have lost track of time and when I realized it…..well it was kind of too late. I was going to try and go to see you, but Vector needed me to return saying we had a lead on the thieves. So I left. We then discovered the thieves next hit was Canterlot and Vector asked me to go in alone, but when I find him I find out I wasn't alone in tracking him down." He said as he looked at them. The five found themselves confused by Espio's words, since they thought that he was talking about Fang.
"By any chance was your mystery thieves the hooligan gang?" Tails asked. Espio nodded to him. This of course answered some things Tails was curious about. "So then the two that were helping him escape must've been his lackeys. Bean and Bark. That would explain the explosives since Bean had an act for them." Rarity then looked towards Tails
"Who are you talking about Tails?" She asked. Tails looked up to Rarity.
"See Fang is the leader of a gang called the Hooligans. There were two others. Bean the Dynamite; he has a thing for explosives and Bark the Polar Bear; he's the muscle of the team. As I explained those three have caused a whole lot of trouble for us in the past. I'm just glad we ran them out when we did." He said as he thought about how they arrived that's when Fluttershy nudged at him to get his attention.
"Miles do you think we should be worried about them being out there?" She asked as she looked at him worried. Tails just looked at his girl and then moved his hand from her mane and brought her head to his.
"They have guns, they have explosives and they're back after twelve years of the absence." He said with a disturbing tone in his voice, "So yeah, we should be worried about them …"He finished saying as he became sad slightly. Fluttershy wanted to comfort him, but that's when Tails brought her so close to him that all she could see were his amazing blue ocean eyes as they glew. "...but right now all I want to do is be with you." He said. Fluttershy smiled and blushed she almost teared up. Tails of course didn't mind as he brought her in for another kiss and moved his hand down her mane and the other going down her spine. Fluttershy just kissed back as she closed her eyes and rested herself on Tails. Silver then looked and motioned to Espio.
"Come on dude what are you waiting for? Come on in." He motioned him. Espio then sighed a little before going into the spring.
"Well I don't want to be rude Silver. After all they aren't exactly…..properly dressed you could call it." This of course made Rarity and Trixie blush madly, but Trixie then spoke.
"Trixie thinks you should. It sounds like you went through a lot and could use some friends to talk to." She said looking away shyily. He heard her and then spoke.
"Very well if you wish for me to stay I'll stay." He goes into the spring, and relaxes as Trixie gets close to him and massages his shoulder. As she did Espio smirks. "Thank you my friend." He said. Trixie smiles.
"Don't worry. So you're training to be a ninja?" Trixie asked trying to start a conversation with him. Espio spoke.
"Yes I am. I practice constantly and meditate to calm my mind. A ninja must always be ready for anything and keep a calm mind. I assume you have your own talents." He asked. Trixie at first blushed because she thought he saw her cutie mark, but shook it off and spoke.
"Yes Trixie is know as the Great And Powerful Trixie. Trixie travels from town to town showing tricks all across Equestria." She said. Espio then grabs her hands and moves them away from his shoulders. He then scoots over a little so he could look at her.
"Really? Interesting please tell me more about your shows." He said. Trixie blushed and smiled. No one ever really asked her about her previous shows before so she wasn't exactly expecting that question. She then spoke.
"Well I guess I could tell you about my recent one in Manehattan…" She said. Espio and her got involved in a conversation as they talked about either adventures or some memories. Silver looked on and smiled while Rarity rested on his chest as she scratched his chest fur. The six then forgot all about their predicament. During one point though Trixie had gotten to what had happened between her and Twilight the second time she came to Ponyville. This of course interested Espio.
"So you lost your wits and relied upon that necklace which took control of you and Twilight had to trick you into taking it off?" He asked her. Trixie then looked away and in shame.
"Yes….*sigh* Trixie felt embarrassed and ashamed and felt Twilight Sparkle ruined Trixie's life, but Trixie then realized after she helped me that Trixie was wrong. After that Trixie decided to try and do good and decide to quit the lies. Every since then everypony seemed to have forgiven Trixie, but Trixie can never forget what Trixie has done. Trixie turned Ponyville into Trixie's own personal play town. Trixie is very ashamed." She said. Espio smirked.
"Do you always announce yourself in the third person?" He asked Trixie then looked at him and blushed as she spoke.
"Y-Y-Yes is that a problem?" She asked.
"No its not I was just curious, but you shouldn't feel bad about what happened. The damage is done. We can't change what happened back then, but we can make the future a better place for all us right." He said as he was meditating. Trixie then looked at him and smiled.
"Right." She said. Espio then opened his eyes and looked at Trixie.
"Thank you for sharing that with me. I'm grateful to have heard this." He said as he bowed to her. Trixie smiled as she approached him.
"Trixie is grateful that you listened…. And thankful for the advice you gave to Trixie." She said. Trixie then hugged him unexpectedly. This of course caught him off guard for two reasons. One because she did it unexpectedly and two because she wasn't wearing any clothes. For a few seconds he didn't know what to do, but then just relaxed and hugged back. Trixie's body however was touching his, but she didn't care as she hugged him she felt something she hadn't felt before. She felt safe around him and felt like what she was doing was right and that's when she knew what she was feeling for him. Of course she felt to embarrassed to say anything so she spoke.
"Um Espio if you want Trixie would like to invite you to her next showcase. If you're interested." She said as she held her hand behind her head. Espio smirked and spoke.
"Sure I would be interested in coming. Vector said I should take a little break from my detective work." Espio said. Trixie smiled.
"Thank you. Trust me you will have a lot of fun and be amazed by Trixie. Trixie Guarantees it." She said with confidence. Espio smirked and then went back to meditating. That's when Trixie fell asleep thanks to the spring and rested on his shoulder. Espio smirked as he just meditated, but at one point Trixie had almost slipped into the spring however Espio prevented that by laying her on his chest so she wouldn't fall in the water and she smiled. While unknown to the two the others took a peeked at them and all smiled as they rested in the springs.
F, FK, TTF, AC Hit Canterlot Part 4
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Previous Chapter:…
1st chapter:…
Fashionista, The Future Knight, The Twin Tailed Genius, and The Animal Care Taker hit Canterlot part 3: Mysteries afoot
The Manager had led our group to the exhibit that had contained the diamond. They was now in a detective clothes that Rarity made for them. Silver was wearing a dark brown coat, black pants, black shirt, and black shoes and he wore a narrow hat on his head. Fluttershy was dressed in black clothes, consisting of a knee-length black skirt, black shirt and black coat, plus a black beret on her head, and black boots on her feet. Tails wore clothes of the same color as Fluttershy, with the only difference being that he was not wearing a headdress. Trixie was dressed in the same clothes as Rarity. They entered the large hall, where there were a lot of police officers, security guards, and many others. Broken glass lying on the floor. One of the policemen, who takes readings from the guard noticed a detective team, and nodded to them with a frown. SRTFT nodded at him back by frowning as well, and then they came in their place.
As they were approaching the room had lost it's color and went black and white. Tails and Rarity were the first who turned their gaze on a pedestal, where there was nothing on it. Tails then frowned and looked at Rarity before he nodded, thus signalling that he's ready to work. Rarity frowned in response, and then they looked at the pedestal, where the diamond was stolen. Rarity then squatted and began to inspect the scene of the crime as she spoke like she was narrating what was happening.
Rarity's narration
As we approached the scene of the crime I found myself wondering about that thief and his weapon of choice. It astounded me, what was that weird thing? The Manager came by and showed the spot where the diamond was stolen.
I looked at the place and see that this glass was spreaded out through the ground seeing it all over the area. I deduced the thief was sloppy and was in a rush for a quick getaway. My friends and I then looked around the at the area to see what's going on. There was a lot of cops and who asked the guards. These cops, they work so carelessly. Then I heard a sigh from my man. I turned to Silver, and see how his tired and irritated looks at me. This intrigued me, since usually he's not like that.
"Rarity, can you tell me why are you commenting our actions out loud?" Silver asked.
End of Rarity's narration for now
Color returns as Silver is looking at Rarity still awaiting an is eyes narrowed in annoyance when he broke off her fun.
"Well it seemed appropriate. You joy killer." She said with an offended tone in her voice. Silver rolled his eyes as they looked around for a while that was until Rarity noticed something on the pedestal of the display case. A small piece of purple fur. She then uses her magic and levitates it to her for a closer look.
"Ah ha, just as I suspected, the culprit's fur was torn from him. I imagine it came off when he made his escape." She deduced as she showed the others the fur. Though Tails comes to her as he then looked to fur.
"Hmm, you're right this does look like fur, from a mobian no doubt." He takes a pincer and takes the patch of fur and places it into a bag called 'Evidence' Rarity then spoke.
"Hmm a Mobian you say?" Rarity said while thinking.
Fluttershy then looked around with Trixie down the hallway where they saw the thief come by. They checked the parts of the hallway to see if there was anything for them to use like clues. They then looked at each other and shrugged. They returned to the others as Fluttershy spoke up.
"Sorry, we can't find anything here that could help track down the robber." She said, while Rarity came up to them.
"Well that's nonsense Fluttershy I'm sure they're sure to be clues there you're just not looking right come." She said as she made her way to the hallways.
"Trixie and Fluttershy both checked, but couldn't find anything, what would make you think you find something?." Trixie said. That's when Rarity looked and then saw the rug and rubbed its fabric between her hands. As Tails was looking in a suspicious look at what Rarity was doing.
"Ok Rarity, nows not the time to look at fabric here." He said, but Rarity placed her hand and felt the fabric.
"On the contrary Tails." She then got up. "Come let's see if we can't track down his whereabouts." She said as she goes through the entrance and the others follow suit.
Rarity's Narration
As me and the others left the building I found myself wondering about this thief and got more questions to which I need answers. Who was this thief? Was there more to him then we thought? And what was wrong with his fashion sense? We made our way to a nearby street where we knew the thief had to have came by and decided to start asking some of the ponies to see if they've seen anything.
End of Rarity's narration.
"Rarity! Would you cut that out?" Silver snapped again, by trying to stop his girlfriend's thinking aloud. Rarity turned to Silver looking a little angry and humphed at him as Silver just rolled his eyes once again in annoyance by Rarity's actions. The group then started to ask around the area trying to get answers from the locals. However they all kept saying they had not seen any sign of a thief well except for one more pony. Fluttershy went up to him to talk.
"Um excuse me sir?" She said. The pony looked at her. "What do you want?" He asked with a rude tone. Fluttershy was starting to feel very shy when trying to talk to him.
"I-I-I was curious… if y-you saw any flying vehicles come by here." The pony though was being difficult as he turned away. "Listen I'm not exactly wanting to talk and even if I was I would never talk to you. So do me a favor and buzz off." He said as he motioned Fluttershy to leave. Tails, who was staring at this scene with wide eyes and opened mouth immediately turned mad as he hated when someone dares to offend his girl. He then glared as he pulled out his arm cannon to teach this bastard a lesson. But Fluttershy got scared for him, and stopped him by wrapping her both arms on around his neck as she snuggled to him by trying to calm his testosterone surge down. Tails, though, was still mad.
"Fluttershy, let me go!" He muttered through clenched teeth, "I'll teach him some manners!"
"Tails, no ..." Fluttershy said, not wanting him to raise violence, "Stop it. It was not an accident."
"Well, of course it was no accident!" Tails remarked, still angry, "He deliberately insulted you and I'm not going to leave it just like that!"
Fluttershy, but did not let him to do it, and then she looked into his eyes by giving him her signature look of kindness, and smiled at him lovingly, "Miles." She uttered his real name from her voice so soft that Tails immediately calmed down and made his eyes wide, blushing slightly, "Please." Fluttershy said again. Tails had no choice but to sigh in defeat, because he couldn't resist that smile.
"Fine." He said, calming down, "But only because you asked me about it." Fluttershy giggled in response, and then she kissed him on the nose. Tails could not resist and smiled, before his cannon disappeared again and he put his arms around his girlfriend, and clung to her by closing his eyes. They then separated, and glanced into each other's eyes before exchanging nods.
"Hey, did you find anything?" Silver asked them when he, Rarity, and Trixie came to him to find out what they found.
"Umm ... I tried to ask that guy ... * sigh * … I'm sorry but he just wouldn't say anything." Fluttershy said trying to apologize to the gang.
"Do not blame yourself Fluttershy, but Trixie believes he is hiding something." Trixie said. Silver nodded at this as Tails got into a thinking pose.
"Okay so we may have a lead the question is how do we get him to talk?" Silver asked.
Tails frowned, "I can only think about to break his face for ..."
"Tails!" Fluttershy interrupted him with a frown, by reminding him of what he promised. Tails sighed again, and then scratched his head wearily, "Yes, I'm sorry. I remember." He said, and then he looked at Trixie, "Trixie?"
"Trixie run out of ideas." Trixie said, as always speaking in the third person. The five then thought about how until Rarity had an idea.
"I've got just the thing to handle these sorts of problems." She went to change again, and then came back wearing a black outfit that looks like it can make any male colt drool. Silver was seeing this and was now looking at Rarity lovingly as she wore the fluff around her neck.
"This will make him talk." She confidently said as she made her way to the guy. Silver, watching her, smiled with "that's my girl" look on his face, and crossed his hands in the chest area.
"Excuse me sir?" Rarity spoke as she walked up to the stallion who tell off Fluttershy a moment ago. She swayed her hips and her tail goes along it. Her look made this stallion to widen his eyes as his mouth opened, too.
"Y-Yeah?" He said with a trebling voice as Rarity walks around him with her eyes half closed and looking on his face with her eyelids fluttered slowly. The Stallion was lured into Rarity like a fish to bait.
"I was hoping that maybe you can tell me if you saw any flying vehicles of the sort?" She said as she strokes his chin to try getting him to talk, his tongue starts hanging as he keeps on staring at her.
"O-k, I think I saw something fly by over at the west side of town." He said as he points to west side and looks like he's ready to kiss her, she notices this and back off him not wanting to see where this would go.
"Ok, thank you sir, you were good cooperating." She shook his hands and then walked back to the others leaving him dumbfounded. The stallion was staring at her with wide eyes as she was walking away from him further and further. He was ready to follow her but he changed his mind as he saw mobian hedgehog was glaring at him and cracking his fists. The stallion then grinned nervously before he continued his was going since the very beginning.
Meanwhile Rarity returned to her friends by wearing a proud smile on her face. Her eyes then became wide in question as she noticed her BF was staring at her disapprovingly and shaking his head from side to side, but Rarity was only about to smile innocently and giving him her 'I can explain!' look by hiding her hands behind her back. Silver rolled his eyes as her behaviour before he decided to speak with her.
"So what did he say Rarity?" Silver asked with a strong tone of sarcasm in his voice.
"He said that he spotted something flying west." Rarity answered as she pointed to the west side of town. The others nodded and the gang took off for the west of Canterlot. Silver and Rarity, though remained standing at the same place, with Silver looking at Rarity and his face seemed emotionless. Rarity raised her eyebrow in question.
"What?" She asked.
Silver sighed, before he smiled again and put his right arm around her waist. They followed the others for not to delay the investigation.
"Nothing." He said but his voice was now calm.
Rarity's narration
We had succeeded in getting more information on our mystery thief's escape route as we headed to the west side of Canterlot. As we arrived and I changed back to my detective clothes on our way there. We searched around we found a nearby stand that had been completely ran over and found that vehicle we saw near the museum when the thief escaped, but it looked like it had ran through a brick wall. It looked like the thief had abandoned it to make sure he/she wasn't discovered when someone found it.
End of Rarity's Narration (again)
"Rarity….Look at this." Rarity had turned to Silver who was looking at the damage. "Whoever it is really didnt have any consideration for others property and was in a big hurry. He did leave behind more of this." He showed more of the purple fur that they found at the museum. Rarity took a look and using her knowledge of Fashion and keen eyes she concluded it was the same as the one they found at the museum. Tails was investigating the vehicle with Fluttershy and Trixie.
"Hmm this thing is good, but it looks like Mobian tech and not like mine. And this thing reminds me something... " Tails said as he frowned when he remembered the person he met for a long time ago, "Or rather someone I've met a long time ago." He then continued the investigation as he opened the bag to put more revolver cartridges in there. He then sniffed one of the cartridges, "Mmm… It fired recently." He muttered, before he returned his gaze back in the bag. As he pulled his hand inside, be felt some paper roll. With wide eyes he pulled it out from there. He made his eyes wide, before he stood up sharply and glanced at Rarity.
"Rarity, Silver! Come here quickly!" He called them out. Silver and Rarity ran up closer to him as their faces became worried.
"What is it, Tails, darling?" Rarity asked him, "You found something?"
"Oh, yeah." Tails answered, as he showed them a paper roll, on which the name of the vehicle was written, "Marvelous Queen!"
Rarity, Silver, Fluttershy and Trixie became dumbfound as they didn't exactly knew what the hell does it means. Silver then frowned.
"And?" He asked by being annoyed, "What now?"
Tails grins, "So you're telling me you don't remember?" He asked, before he turned to Rarity, "Marvelous Queen owned only by only one person who I knew for about twelve years ago on Mobius. The guy who owned it was a real mercenary works only for his money." Rarity smiled as she got his point while the rest was shocked, "Perhaps he traveled here, to see if he can find himself some job. The most thing that I am sure, that he steal it not for himself, but for someone else who ordered the robbery."
"Great job Tails. So we now know that first what it was he stole, second he's mobian, and third…" Rarity spoke as she crossed her arms, "He's now probably on his way to the meeting with his client." Silver concluded.
"I wonder who hired him and more importantly Tails do you remember who he is?" Fluttershy asked. Tails tried to recall, but it looked like he was having a rough time.
"I can't remember, it may have been so long since I haven't seen him in quite sometime." He said as he stood up. Trixie then grabbed his shoulder.
"It is alright Tails. Trixie and friends will find this thief and bring him to justice." She said with confidence. Tails looked at her and smirked. He then nodded and then saw the patch of fur in Rarity's hands. He smacked himself on the face, as he remembers what an idiot he was because he didn't came up with a simple idea to analyze this fur on his computer. He then pulled out his computer, before he stretched his hand to Rarity's side.
"Hey Rarity can you give me that please?" He asked. Rarity looked surprised, but did what he asked. Tails then put the fur inside his analyzer and started a scanning process. The others looked at the computer screen with a curious looks on their faces by gathering behind Tails's back.
"Umm, Tails. May I ask what you are doing?" Fluttershy asked as he had his hands on the keyboard.
"DNA scanning process." Tails answered as he almost finished. They then gave him a look, "I hadn't thought of it in the beginning, sorry guys." He looked at his computer and then it said "Scan Complete" and then showed a picture of a purple weasel with blue eyes in two brown cowboy boots, a texan hat with a yellow star on the foreheads side, and a belt holding two pistols in them. Trixie's eyes turned wide when she saw it.
"Hey, Trixie remembers this star. I saw him." She said excitedly. Tails then gritted his teeth as he looks at it while the others turned to her.
"You know this guy Trixie?" Fluttershy asked. Trixie turned to them. "Yes his name was Nack when I met him, but he went by another name, but I can't remember what it was" She said as she was recalling when she met him.
"Fang." Tails said under his breath. Everyone turned to him. Tails looked angry as he gripped his fists, as he was now remember everything, "His name was Fang! Fang the Sniper! He hunted me and Sonic to steal the Chaos Emeralds. Though, he wanted them not for their powers but their cost. In fact he also has been hired to do some other jobs beside that as well." He said. Silver then looked at him a little mad.
"How come you never told me about him?" He asked. Tails looked at him for a second.
"I didn't remember much of him. It's been twelve years since me and Sonic last saw him, dude." He said as he become angry, too think. That's when the device was going off. Tails then hide the computer back in his coat and glared at Silver, "You think I must remember every damn second of my life? Really?" He asked with his voice have this angry growl.
"Well no, but still. In any case how are we gonna find him though. He could be anywhere." Silver said.
"Trixie thinks if he has a meeting with a client, then there's can only one place." Trixie suggested, prompting everyone to turn at her, with their eyes grew wide. They saw Trixie smiling at them proudly, with her arms crossed in the chest. "It's Canterlot underground society." She stated. Rarity smirked at her in response.
"Of course." She agreed, "I can't believe I didn't think about it from the start of this. The police and royal guards never go there, so it can be the safest place, where they can to conclude the deal." They all then smiled well except for Fluttershy who knew where this was going.
"Oh no please don't tell me we're considering going down there." She said in a shy and frightened tone. But the others didn't listen to her. They looked at each other and nodded by agreeing that they need to move to the underground. Fluttershy then sighed in disappointment and whispered under her breath. "Oh dear."
*To Be Continued*
F, FK, TTF, AC Hit Canterlot Part 3
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Previous chapter:…
1st chapter:…
Upon arrival the group were at first astounded by what they saw in the main lobby. The whole place was filled with relics of the old times of Equestria. They then went up to the stand and look at the monuments on display. Tails then spoke.
"Wow these are really good. Whoever made these did really nice work." He said as he was looking at the one to his right. The three nodded in agreement, and then they kept on looking through the place as Tails and Silver were really in intrigue by some of the art work put into it, as Fluttershy and Rarity were looking elsewhere at some sculptures. Rarity then found one that really caught her attention.
"Oh wow this diamond here looks simply fabulous doesn't it Fluttershy?" She said as she then looks as she notices Fluttershy wasn't there and was looking at the portraits of animals. Rarity smiled as she looks at her friend.
Hmm should've known she would be observing those portraits. Rarity thought as she looked at Fluttershy and then turned her attention towards the paintings. Fluttershy was moving from painting to painting when she bumped into someone and they both fell to the ground.
"Uofhh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to run into you, here let me get you a hand." She then gets up and tries lending a hand at the fallen pony.
"Why thank you..." The pony answered in a female tone. Fluttershy stops as she notices who it was and this voice she will recognize anywhere. She smiles seeing a blue unicorn-girl with a bright blue mane and tail, dressed in a bright purple T-shirt and jeans, with a red shoes on her feet, and darkish purple cap and a huge magician hat. Fluttershy smiled happily at her.
"Trixie!" She exclaimed happily. Trixie smiles while looking at Fluttershy.
"Fluttershy! Trixie is so happy to see you!" Trixie said as she hugged Fluttershy. Rarity heard the noise and went to Fluttershy's position and saw she was with Trixie. She then smiled and walked up to the two.
"Well, I'll be. Trixie what are you doing here?" She asked the unicorn magician. Trixie smiled as she spoke.
"Well the Great and Powerful Trixie decided to come here to take a break from her performances. May I ask how Trixie's friends are doing?" She asked still talking in the first person like she always done. Fluttershy and Rarity giggled at her pronouncement of the first person.
"I see you're still talking in the third person manner." Rarity said. The three then got to talking. As they talked Silver and Tails walked over to see them talking.
"... And after that surprise he was stunned like crazy. At first I was scared, but as I look back on it. It was a little funny." Fluttershy said with a smile. That's when Trixie giggled.
"Trixie still can't believe you did such a thing." Trixie said surprised at what she did. Fluttershy then turned away embarrassed at first but after a short moment, she looked back at her magician friend.
"Yeah, but I did that because I wanted to show him that I… love him." She said while blushing.
"The same goes for me. I will say it may not be how a lady would do it, but I just wanted him to know how much I did love him." Rarity said as she blushed a little. They hadn't yet noticed Silver and Tails who smiled and blushed as they heard what their girls were talking about. They then decided not to interrupting their friendly conversation and returned for the exhibits watching. The girls in meantime stopped near the exhibit, which was near Silver and Tails.
"Well Trixie's certainly surprised you both have boyfriends." Trixie said still being in surprise, "And she can only congratulate you." Rarity and Fluttershy giggled while blushing, as they both stroked their shoulders by their hands. Trixie then grinned at them but that was before something caught her eyes and the expression on her face shone with amazement.
"Well, thanks Trixie, darling." Rarity spoke as she stopped giggling, "Well, to be honest, we both…"
"Oh, sorry Rarity for interrupting you, but Trixie need to chat with this handsome." Trixie said with a smile, what prompted a wide eyes from both of girls, and then she headed to the neighboring exhibit, "Trixie be back soon." She said in a flirting manner. The girls glanced at where she was heading, but only to gasp in shock as they saw that she was heading towards Silver and Tails.
Meanwhile, Trixie came close to Silver as she straightened her hair before she put
her hand on his left shoulder, "Hey there, handsome." She said softly. Silver made his eyes wide when he heard an unfamiliar voice, and then turned to the owner, to see a blue unicorn girl who flattered her eyes lovingly. He thought was about to raising his eyebrow questioningly as he didn't knew what she needs.
"Hello, Miss." He said, puzzled, "Are you lost?"
"Unfortunately, yes. The Little and Helpless Trixie lost in this huge museum." Trixie spoke as her voice sounded innocent, and then she rested her head on his shoulder, "Can you help her to find the way back?"
Rarity's jaw dropped to the floor when she saw Trixie sticks to her boyfriend, and then she flew into a rage and clenched her fists before she walked toward them, to stop this accident. Silver, meanwhile, has become an even bigger shock when this girl was openly flirting with him, and then he used his powers to levitate her aside. Much to Trixie made her eyes wide, catching herself puzzled.
"Excuse me, miss." He spoke slowly and carefully, "I don't want to disappoint you, but I already have ..." He then smiled at Rarity, "Hey, Rarity." Rarity was still angry, and went to her boyfriend back to back, before grabbing his left hand and standing at attention, thus causing him to wipe his smile away and confusing him even more. She snorted and looked at Trixie as her face took on an important and meaningful expression.
"Trixie, allow me to introduce you, Silver the Hedgehog." Rarity spoke with her voice having her trademark lady tone, "My boyfriend!" The last phrase she said with obvious roar that even Tails heard and turned to them. He made his eyes wide, he noticed a strange girl that's with Rarity and Silver. Trixie on the other hand looked surprised and nervous that she was flirting with her friend's boyfriend before she grinned nervously and giggled.
"Oops… *giggles*... Sorry, Rarity." She said innocently, "Trixie didn't knew." She said trying to not get on her friend's bad side like she did before. Rarity felt relief seeing that she understood and smiled at her disapprovingly. Trixie nodded before she turned her attention to Tails.
"And you?" She asked Tails.
Fluttershy gasps in fear before she rushed at Tails with great speed. As she was near him, she wrapped her both arms around his neck by snuggling to him as tight as she could and closing her eyes shut. "N-N-No, he's my boyfriend... b-b-back off!" She said attempting to tell off Trixie. Tails blushed madly as his girlfriend did it and wrapped his own arms around her waist.
"F-Fluttershy?" He muttered in embarrassment. Silver, Rarity and Trixie was staring at the two with a blank looks on their faces before they smiled and laughed awkwardly and it even caught the attention of a few other ponies. Tails couldn't help but laughed as well, as he was still hugging his girlfriend. Fluttershy realizing what she just did blushed and let go of Tails and stood very embarrassed by her reaction.
"I-I-I'm sorry for the outburst everyone. I-I-I didn't mean to…" Fluttershy just stood as embarrassed as that time she admitted her feelings to Tails that one time. Tails just grabbed her shoulders and looked at her still blushing.
"Aw, it's fine Fluttershy. Just try not do that again okay?" He spoke with soft tone in his voice by trying to act as gentle as he could. Fluttershy nodded at him smiling before she took his arm with both hands and together they turned to Trixie.
"Well, if I heard your name right, It's Trixie." Tails spoke with his voice calmed and balanced.
Seven hours later.
After seven hours of exploring the museum, the street was dark. The company of five friends, and the two couples had already left the museum, which was closed for the night. They stood near the main entrance and while the girls had a friendly conservation Silver and Tails went over to the shop to get something for their girls. Tails had found a nice little bird picture for Fluttershy while Silver found a special vase that had a pattern he knew Rarity would love to have. After going around to look at other things, the two boys decided they would pay and head back the rest of the group. Paying for their gifts, the two walked out of the gift shop.
"You think Fluttershy will like this Silver?" Tails asked to the silver psychic. Silver put his hand on the kitsune's shoulders with a reassurance to it.
"Of course she will, i bet she would love anything you got her. Now you tell me." He said as he showed the vase.
"You think Rarity will like this pattern." Silver said. Tails smiled and bumped his shoulder against Silver's.
"Yeah, i think she would like it. Plus it's you, she'd love anything you gave her." Tails said.
"Thanks man." Silver thanked him. Making their way to the others they exchanged smiles before Tails and Silver got over to their girls. They held their gifts behind backs. The girls then turned to the boys.
"Oh hello you two where did you run off to?" Rarity asked. Silver and Tails looked at each other then nodded. They showed the gifts and gave them to Rarity and Fluttershy.
"We know it's not much, but…" Tails began, but was interrupted by Fluttershy who gave him a big hug
"Oh Tails. It's perfect thank you….. Miles." She said with a smile as she hugged Tails. Tails blushed at this, but hugged her back. Rarity looked at Silver who scratched behind his head.
"I didn't know if you would like the design or not, if you don't want it, i understand." Silver said, but Rarity just smiled.
"Oh Silvy it's wonderful. Thank you." She said as she set the vase down and hugged Silver. Silver gladly returned the hug while Trixie was enjoying the sight. After they broke off the hug Silver and Tails approached Trixie. They then presented her a new cape and hat. These had a Dark night sky blue like Luna's mane and on the back of the cape was her cutie mark. Trixie went wide eyed as she looked at it.
"Rarity and Fluttershy made these after your last visit and saved it incase we ran into you. Believe it or not they asked us to bring them just in case." Tails said. Rarity and Fluttershy approached Trixie.
"Do you like them?" Rarity asked as she and Fluttershy awaited an answer. Trixie just smiled and looked like she was about to cry. She then hugged the two.
"Oh thank you, thank you. Trixie is so happy you made this for her." She said. Fluttershy and Rarity joined in the hug while Silver and Tails looked on and bro fisted each other. Silver then spoke.
"Shall we head out?" He asked as the museum was shutting the lights down. They all nodded in agreement and were about to head out when.
"BLLLAAAARRRRNNNN!" An alarm went off after the sound of a window being shattered. This caught the fives attention as they looked around.
"What's going on?" Tails asked in confusion and slightly scared because of unexpectedness. However, it was not long for him waited for an answer. They then saw the guards of the museum were heard inside now opened museum doors by being in alarm as they yelled at something or rather someone.
"Stop in the name of the law!" They heard as one of the guards started to run off after the thief as he started to keep running upstairs of the museum. They saw a mysterious figure running throughout the museum corridors, though they couldn't see what it was or even what a shape it has. Rarity then frowned and glanced at the others.
"We need to help them!" she said with confidence in her voice. The others nodded to her.
"Trixie agreed!" Trixie said as her eyebrows were furrowed too.
"If I was a thief, and the protection of persecuted me, it would be only one place where I could escape." Tails suggested, "To the back door!", Without wasting their time, friends ran to the back entrance to the museum, to intercept the thief there. Once they ran up to the back door, they were immediately stopped by the small and tiny doors, forming a semicircle. Rarity and Trixie charged their horns, Silver formed a bright blue aura around him and Tails pulled his arm cannon. Only Fluttershy, who was unarmed at the moment, hid behind Tails, and looked nervously at the door, waiting for the thief's appearance. They were waiting for him in the dead silence, and even the crickets aren't noisy nearby. However, a moment later, they heard nearest the window was broken. They all gasped in surprise and looked at the window on the right side.
The thief was standing in the window frame, dressed in a long brown coat, black boots, jeans and a brown wide cowboy hat with a yellow star on his forehead side. He then spies a window and jumps for it down on the ground. He landed near our heroic team and glanced at them as they all froze and stood motionless. Tails, Silver, and the girls made it just in time to see the thief. Tails aimed his arm cannon, Rarity and Trixie was ready to use their magic, and Silver was ready to use his psychic powers on the thief. But before they could do anything, a thief with a lightning speed pulled a huge revolver from under his coat and aimed at them. Men gasped in surprise when they saw his gun, and reacted just in time, as it began to shoot at them.
The bullets he shoots went all over as Tails grabbed Fluttershy and pulled her to the left while Silver grabbed Rarity and Trixie and pulled them to the right. They were hiding behind the walls as the bullets go around the area. While they were there, hiding, Tails had his eyes wide as dishes, shocked by this turn of events.
"It has a gun? No way!" He whispered to himself, and then was ready to peek his head, but ру couldn't since the bullets were coming too fast. He then turns to Silver and nods. Silver nods back and then he uses his telekinetic powers to pick up a small vase with a plant in it and threw it at the thief which knocked the gun out of his hand. Tails then came from behind the wall and tried to shoot the thief down, but the thief used a trash can to shield himself from the blast hit. Tails then lowered his hand and rushed at the thief, with an angry/serious expression as he saw him running away. Silver and Tails then ran after him before they turned around the corner. They stop as they see the thief get in some sort of vehicle and flies off with a huge bag hanging in the back on there. Silver then hits the wall with his fist.
"Dammit… he got away." He said out of anger, as Tails comes by near him. "Yeah, no duh Silver." He then slumps down and deactivates his buster that turns back into his hand. The two then fly back to the girls who was now along with museum guards. As they returned, Rarity and Fluttershy immediately took the situation into their hands, to comfort their boyfriends, who failed this simple mission.
"Dearie are you alright?" Rarity asked as she tries to comfort Silver with her warm hug, though he was angry he still lets her talk. "Not really Rarity." He had with his head down as he was angered, "He got away and we don't even know who he is." Silver said with an even more annoyed tone in his voice.
"Yeah, he has a point we have no idea who that was or what was stolen. Although, I have something for a suggestion. Because in Equestria no firearms." Tails said. This left the others puzzled until….
"He stole the new artifact." Someone said. The group then turned to the voice and saw a pony standing in a fancy suit with black shoes and a red tie.
"Who are you?" Fluttershy asked. The man then spoke.
"I'm the manager of this museum, and that thief stole what is a rare diamond that's known in these parts, in fact, it was the new artifact we had acquired! We need that diamond! " He said to them while being distraught with fear.
Trixie then thought about what he said and then came up with an idea. "Trixie and her friends will help you find that thief!" She said with determination, though Fluttershy's expression say otherwise. But Rarity made her eyes wide as the idea came into her head before she grinned and blasted off.
"Trixie, what are you talking about you're not getting us involved with this, right Silver?" Fluttershy said though Silver had the same determination like Trixie's. "You can count on us, sir!" He said while Tails confirmed that statement. "Yeah, we'll catch that thief." He said as Fluttershy looked scared.
"Oh, my." She squeaked.
"Sorry to interrupt ya'll, but where exactly do you plan on looking for the criminal?" The Manager asked. This bursted the three's bubble and made them have a dumbfounded expression.
"Oh, yeah. Forgot about that part." Tails said scratching the back of his head.
"Yeah, guess we didn't think about that." Silver said by crossing his arms together in a standing in a thinking pose.
"Trixie admits she didn't think either." Trixie said. Everyone was expecting Rarity to speak, but when they turned to look at her she wasn't in her spot.
"Hey, where did Rarity go?" Tails asked. That's when footsteps could be heard. They all turned to see Rarity walking in wearing a red coat with an orange belt, her usual shoes, but a black hat that made her look like a detective. She walked up while Silver smacked his head with a right palm and groaning in annoyance before he glanced back at his girlfriend and frowning disapprovingly.
"Rarity, what are you doing?" He asked her, his voice sounded tired and monotonous.
Rarity, came up to him, crossing her arms over her chest and grinning proudly, "Oh, my dear Silvy. I just changed clothes to better fit our task." she said playfully, and then she frowned, "We have to have an important mission. To find and return a valuable diamond, and to bring this thief to justice. And I think I know where to start." She said, before turning to the manager, "Sir, we need to see the crime scene." She said as a detective, The manager nodded, "Fine, Miss Detective." He said before heading inside the museum. After he and the guards disappear, thus leaving our friends outside, they looked at Rarity once again by smiling at her.
"Well, Rarity." Trixie spoke, "Trixie must say that you look great."
"Yeah, I agree." Silver agreed with her by approving the appearance of his girlfriend, as he grinned smugly at her, "I even feel jealous."
Rarity giggled, "Oh, my dear. You're jealous of me does not make sense." She then pulled out another four suits, "I made it for all of you."
Much to her friends made their eyes wide before they laughed awkwardly, by exchanging glances with each other as they approached the crime scene.
To Be Continued...
F, FK, TTF, AC Hit Canterlot Part 2
Full Title: Fashionista, The Future Knight, The Twin Tailed Genius, and The Animal Care Taker hit Canterlot part 2: The Museum meeting.
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Next one: Coming soon
The train arrived at the main station in Canterlot. The passengers left their cars, and went out onto the landing platform. From the third car of the train head, a certain fashionista accompanied by her mobian boyfriend got out of the wagon. Rarity wore a smile on her face, and a good mood for her soul, while Silver was neutral, and his face was emotionless. Today Rarity was wearing a nice purple shirt with a purple skirt and purple shoes. Needless to say however that Silver used his powers to help Rarity with her things. A pile of suitcases and bags levitated beside them. After they left the station, they started their unhurried way ... to somewhere. Rarity spun around as she looked at the site of the beautiful city of Canterlot.
"Aaahhh, Canterlot. It's so good to be back right Silvy?" Silver blushed at his nick name that Rarity gave him. After what happened the night before Sonic and Twilight's wedding they started going out as a couple. However Silver tries to take his line with Rarity very seriously to both impress her and not try to ruin her image. Silver then saw Rarity looking at him concerned.
"Silvy please try not to be like this the entire time."
Silver turned confused, "Like what?"
"Like you hated to come with me. It looks like, you're offended by something and I dragged you here by force and against your will." Rarity said with her eyes narrowed. Unknown why, but this prompted Silver to grin mockingly before he busted into a loud laugh. He hunched and his hands grabbed by stomach. Much to Rarity's confusion. After Silver stopped from laughing he glanced at Rarity's pretty eyes again before he took her by hand.
"I'm sorry. It's not what it looks like. I swear." He said with a friendly tone in his voice before they both continued their wander throughout the city streets, "... So shall we proceed my lady?" Rarity nodded to Silver and the two took off. Their first stop was the new boutique Rarity had set up in Canterlot. As they approached Silver stopped as Rarity got in front of him.
"Now I'm going to be very quick alright. We do have to make a few more stops after this." She said. Silver rolled his eyes.
"Yes I remember. After this, we need to go pick up some new fabric, pick up a fresh shipment of crystals, and then you had something planned tonight right?" He asked repeating what he remembered from what Rarity told him on the train. Rarity nodded.
"That is correct Silvy darling. Now try not to get in trouble alright?" She asked. Silver nodded as Rarity went inside her boutique leaving Silver outside.
After she disappeared behind the main entrance door, Silver looked around the street, and then he was only about to shrug and go for a walk down the street, by whistling something under his breath. After several minutes of walking around, he heard what sounded like a plane. Curiosity began to play in his mind, and he raised his head up to see the Tornado. He then smiled as he saw it fly in circles and then come in on a runway that chariots that pegasus carry take off. Tails then hopped down and helped down Fluttershy. Fluttershy was wearing some light green shorts and a yellow t-shirt and green shoes. A good outfit for flying. She even was wearing an old pair of goggles that use to be Tails on her head. She took them off and tossed them back into the plane and then looked around. The two then spy Silver who was waving to them.
"Hey….TAILS, FLUTTERSHY!" Silver shouted as they looked in his direction. They smiled as they approached him. "What brings you here to Canterlot you two?" He asked.
"Well I needed to get some supplies since Canterlot is the only place I can find what I need." Tails said. "And…well… Fluttershy wanted to come here to look around Canterlot so you know."
"Oh, I do…" Silver jokingly said as he winked. Fluttershy giggled over his behavior before she looked around. She raised her left eyebrow in surprise as she didn't see Rarity anywhere. She then turned back at Silver to find out where her friend was.
"Um Silver…. May I ask where Rarity is?" Fluttershy asked. Silver then looked in her direction smiling.
"Oh she needed to check on her boutique here, I was gonna go back and see if she was done." Not sure what she needed to get done" Silver said as he then thought to himself something, "I wonder what she needs out there?"
"Well, this is Rarity we're talking about" Fluttershy said, as if she had read his mind, "Maybe it's something important."
"When it comes to fashion, gems, and so on, it's always important for Rarity indeed." Tails commented sarcastically, "Well, I think what you want to do what we came here?"
"Oh ... yeah ..." Fluttershy said, "Let's do it."
Tails then nodded and turned to Silver as he smiles, "Well, Silver." he said, "I was glad to see you here. See you back in Ponyville."
Silver, it was still against this imaginary separation and decided to take the initiative in their hands, "Hey maybe you guys wanna go to the cafe for lunch later today? We can meet you there and to discuss about our tomorrow journey to the sea. What do you think?" He asked the two as they both looked at each other. They then nodded in agreement and Tails spoke.
"Sure we'd love to go with you and Rarity, just let us get our things first and we'll meet up with you then!" Tails said to Silver as he smiled.
"Cool I'll see ya there!" Silver said as he ran the opposite direction and waved to them as they waved back at him. Tails then turned to Fluttershy.
"Well then let's be on our way." Tails said. As Fluttershy nodded as she takes in Tails hand in her own. "Yes, let's" She said quietly as the walk off with their things in their opposite hands.
Later SIlver was running through the streets until he reaches Rarity's boutique in Canterlot. He goes in hearing the bell ring and sees several ponies in the store looking at dresses and over at the counter was Rarity talking with Sassy Saddles the pony that Rarity left charge here. He grinned when he saw it, and then he entered inside, by switching to Ninja mode and listening to what they say.
"..and that's why we should ask the customers what they think of the style of clothing and see if they like it got it Sassy?" Rarity said to Sassy while she was taking notes of what she was saying.
"Right. Miss Rarity. I'll be weary of what the customers need." She said as she nods.
Rarity then smiles. "Good, we can't let a customer not get the satisfaction they need now can we?" She joked. Sassy giggled, and then she raised her head and looked into Rarity's eyes, "Never in the world!" She said jokingly, but then the smile gave way to confusion when she saw Silver, who crept back to Rarity. Silver waved his hands as if asking her to be quiet. Much for Sassy's giggling and grinning mockingly. Rarity caught herself puzzled, "Hmm? Is something the matter Sassy?" Rarity questioned as Silver kept walking slowly towards his girl closer and closer.
"Oh nothing Miss Rarity it's just I recalled one funny joke, please continue." Sassy says to her barely holding back her laughter. Rarity found it suspicious, but still decided not to give it much importance "Well, fine then as I was saying before, the customer mus..." She stopped as Silver places his hands around her eyes as she gasps in surprise and shuddered slightly.
"Huh? What is it?" She asks in bewilderment. "Guess who?" Silver says teasingly as Rarity's bewilderment turns to glee as she know that voice all too well.
"Oh Silver, you surprised me." She then took his hands off her eyes and then looks at him. She then fluttered her eyes lovingly, "You did it again, darling. Congratulations." She said with a loving tone in her voice. Silver winked at her, and then he kissed her gently on the cheek as he wrapped his both hands around her waist.
"It was nothing." He said proudly, and then he looked at Sassy, "Hi, Sassy." He said to her as Sassy responded.
"Good day Mister Silver." She says as she looks at the couple.
"Well, are you done here Rare Bear?" He asks her as she giggled from that nickname he gave her.
"I'm done here, now we need to go and get that fabric I need for my new dress." Rarity says as she walks out of the front desk.
"Right, oh by the way. I saw Tails and Fluttershy when I was wandering around." Silver said, prompting Rarity to made her eyes wide. She then turned at him surprised, "Really? They're here?" She asked him as he nodded.
"Yeah, I asked them if we can join them to get some lunch at a nearby cafe, you think we can make room for that?" He asked as she thought about it.
"Well of course we can sweetheart, they're our friends right?" She said as she went to grab her purse and then grabs Silver's arm. "Now let's go Silvy!" She cheerfully said. Silver and Rarity then go out the front the door.
On the other side of Canterlot, Fluttershy stood in front of the store with a sign: The Best food for your pets!. Tails stood beside her, with his arms crossed in the chest area, and looking at the label of the store, and raised his eyebrows thoughtfully.
"Ok then, is this the place you wanted to go Flutters?" Tails said as his voice sounded questioningly.
"Uh-huh." Fluttershy answered, nodding. Tails then looked at her, becoming more confused, as they both go into the store. In the store they walked through an aisle of the store and Fluttershy looks onto the shelves to find what she needs. Tails meanwhile looked around the store and felt slight irritation since he started to thinking that he's just wasting his time.
"But we can buy it all in Ponyville." He said slowly, thinking that they've come here for nothing, he then finds Fluttershy as she was holding a small bag of beans, "Why did we come here?" He asks her as she answered her.
"Um ... There's one thing you can buy only here and nowhere else." Fluttershy answered as her charming voice didn't even changed. She then turned the package to read the label on the back side.
"Hmm ... It's not that." She murmured as she places the bag back onto the shelf. She then took another package and read the label again, and smiles happily when she read the label, "Here it is." She said before looking at Tails, "This is what I need." She shows him the bag as Tails looked to have calmed down.
"Very well, let's go it's almost noon and we need to meet Silver and Rarity." Tails said as he looked at the clock. They both nodded and headed to the cashier of the store. They then approached the cashier.
"Alright, we're ready to buy please." She said to the cashier as he nodded as the pony checks on all the stuff they're taking and adds up the total. He then looks to Tails.
"Your total is going to be 20 bits." The cashier said. Tails nodded as he pulled a few bits from his tails. He hands them to the cashier as the cashier takes them. "Thank you for shopping please come back again." She said with a smile.
"Oh, we will, don't worry." Fluttershy said with a happy smile before she and Tails headed for the exit.
"Yeah… sure…" Tails muttered quietly with a sour expression on his face. Fluttershy then him gave a sour look.
"Tails…. Please don't be so rude." She demanded, but her boyfriend was only about to smile innocently and spreading his hands to the sides by giving her this 'I don't know what you're saying' look. Much to Fluttershy sighed in annoyance and shook her head from side to side by giving him this 'Oh really?' look. After they walked out of the store they stopped for a moment and checked for a time to see how much they still have. They saw that it was noon already and exchanged glances with each other becoming worry.
"Geez, we need to hurry." Tails stated the obvious fact. Fluttershy nodded, "Right." She said as she spread her wings and fluttered them before she got off the ground. Tails then jumped up and used his tails to start flying. They flew toward the meeting place to their friends. In the meantime Rarity and Silver were waiting outside the cafe for Fluttershy and Tails. Rarity looked at the nice white watch on her wrist as time went by. She then turned to her boyfriend with a concerned look.
"Silver are you sure they'll be here?"
"Yeah, pretty much." Silver answered, as he then he looked at her with a smile, "I told them clearly where they would need to go. Why?"
"Because it is almost 12:30. They should've been here by now." She said. Silver then smiled even more as he placed his hand on her shoulder.
"They'll be here I know it." He spoke with a confidence in his voice. Rarity smiled back at him and winked before they both returned to scanning process. They were watching every single street to try and spy their friends, but they didn't notice that both Fluttershy and Tails were already here. It just happened to be that they both were not beside them but above them. They both grinned mockingly as if they wanted to play some joke.
"Hey, guys." Tails called for them, prompting our couple to make their eyes wide. Rarity and Silver looked at each other as if asking 'did you heard something?'.
"Are you looking for someone? Because I have this feeling for some reason." Tails's voice sounded again, but this time they knew where he is. They both looked up to see their friends are hovering above them and grinned.
"Hey guys." Fluttershy greeted them.
"Hello, Fluttershy. Hello Tails." Rarity greeted them back, "How long have you been here?" She asked. Fluttershy giggled.
"For about a few minutes Rarity. It was Tails idea and I approved of it." She said with a sincere smile. A moment later she and Tails landed beside Silver and Rarity. They dusted off themselves before they spoke again.
"So shall we eat or are we going to keep fooling around?" Silver asked. They all nodded and went inside. Rarity had already saved them a table as they all sat down. A waiter came by and they ordered their drinks. He nodded to the company and then he rushed toward the bar counter. He then comes back with their drinks and then takes their order for food. After that he disappeared behind the kitchen door as he rushed there with an incredible speed. He then came out quick with their food and they started to dig in. As they were eating they decided to have a little chat.
"So, where do you think to go this time, Rarity?" Tails wondered, prompting Rarity to look up at him and smile.
"Well, I thought about the northern part of the country. There's a lot of places where I haven't traveled still." She said as she was enjoying her food. Tails nodded in response before he spoke again.
"Sounds like a good idea for me." He said, "After those three Manehattan travels it will be a good variety for us."
"Well, I actually wanted travel to west, but if you for north, then I am okay with that." Fluttershy spoke with her trademark shy tone in her voice.
"Hey, maybe we really need go to the West?" Silver suggested, "There's a lot of places where we haven't been still, too."
"Now, darling." Rarity spoke, "We were there last week, and if you remember there was not anything interesting." she then looked at Tails and Fluttershy, "So what do you think?"
"Not really sure what to think. The north is much closer than west and I've been a little busy at my workshop, but I always find time to take Fluttershy out for a spin in the Tornado Mach 1." Tails said. Fluttershy smiled at him as he smiled back. Silver then sighed as he narrowed his eyes before he glanced at Rarity, "Looks like It seems that we are a little lost in decision-making. Tails is saying something that doesn't make any sense and I even think that he's not feeling himself well in mental sense." He spoke with a teasing voice. Tails heard that and glared at Silver.
"Hey, shut up!" He growled at him, and was ready to say a couple of more bad words but Fluttershy stopped him by placing her left hand on his shoulder. As they were wrapping up Rarity had an idea.
"Oh I know darlings! Why don't we head to the museum? I read yesterday in the newspaper that they were going to put a new collection of artifacts that is absolutely dazzling." Rarity suggested, "And I think that visiting the museum will help us to make a better solution."
"Sounds like a plan." Silver said, "What do you think guys?" Fluttershy and Tails looked at each other then nodded.
"Yeah sure we'd love to go with you guys" Tails said. They then got up, paid for lunch, and left for the museum. Before they got there they made a quick stop at the clothing store for Rarity to put on a french outfit that she usually wore for when she goes to the museum. She put on her black turtleneck, black skirt, black shoes and a purple beret. Silver licked his lips when he saw this outfit and wiggled his eyebrows, thus causing Rarity to blush and giggle.
"Oh, darling." She spoke with him in a flirting manner, "Stop acting yourself as if you see those clothes for the first time." She then hugged him by his neck, "I have nothing against it, but sometimes it makes me blush."
"Well, you do look so cute when you blush, m'lady." Silver answered with a macho tone in his voice, what prompted Rarity to giggle again. Tails was only about to sigh by watching them both flirt with each other. But he then felt Fluttershy's hand on his elbow and how she squeezed him gently, on what he turned to her to see what she needs. But only to meet with her disapproving look and how she shakes her head. He then sighed again understanding what she means without words and took her hand before nodding. That's when Rarity spoke.
"Now I believe it's your turn you three?" She said as she first looked at Silver and then turned to Tails and Fluttershy, who looked deeply confused.
"Turn for… what?" Tails asks slowly by trying to get her thoughts. Rarity then smiled.
"Why to try these on of course. That's also why I went by the boutique. I had these made for those who wanted to pay a visit for the museum so they could look there best. So I thought why not all of us." She said as they grabbed an outfit each. Fluttershy blushed slightly as she was holding her dark green dress, and as she judged by the style of how it was made, she even thought it would be way too overt for her.
"Well ... Rarity I don't think it would be fine for me. It's ... well ... too ... too open ..." She said as her cheeks became deep red.
"Oh, Fluttershy, darling. You're just exaggerating. I did it according to your style, and I think it will be very good for you. Just try it." She said in her trademark lady tone.
"Well, Tails and what do you think?" Fluttershy asked her BF, as she looked at him. Tails smiled at her back before he spoke with his arms crossed in the chest.
"I think that you should try this. You'll never know until you try, so… *shrugs*... Go for it" He said with a calm tone in his voice. Fluttershy smiled happily at his approval before she nodded.
"Okay then." She said before she turned herself to the changing room and disappeared behind the curtains. It took less than thirty seconds before she spoke she was still hiding behind the curtain.
"Well, I am ready guys." Her voice sounded, "Here I come." She said as she was about to coming out the room.
"Drumroll please." Silver joked as he then made a look as he playing the drums and that characteristic "Trrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…" flew out of his mouth. Rarity giggled over his behaviour before she called her friend out.
"We are ready, darling." She said. That's when Fluttershy drew the curtains off and appeared before the public. Silver and Rarity turned shock instantly, and Silver even stopped Trrrr-ing and silenced. Fluttershy was dressed in a dark green knee-length tight dress, that completely fitting her beautiful body shape, green shoes on her feet and dark green gloves on her hands. It was not that overt as she thought as the most of her body were cover besides from her exposed shoulders, but it still wasn't her style.
"Well… H-how is it?" She asked shyly, waiting for the answer. But instead of answer she heard a loud thud and gasped in fear since it was Tails who was the one who caused the thud. Tails was lying there on the floor with a drug smile on his face, with a stars in his eyes (and over his head as well), and some blood is coming out of his nose. Fluttershy ran up to him and kneeled down before she took him in her arms and placed him on her knees. She then grabbed his cheeks and looked in his eyes with a scared look on her face.
"Tails. Tails, please answer me." She spoke with a pleading tone in her voice by trying to get him back, "I'm sorry… Please, I'm so sorry for this… I didn't mean to scare you… Tails… M… Miles, please speak to me."
Tails was motionless for a short moment, but then he made a relaxed sigh, before he glanced in his girlfriend's eyes, "Oh… F-Fluttershy? Glad to see you here." He said with his voice sounded like he was drunk or something. Fluttershy then smiled in relief before closing her eyes and hugging him tightly, glad that he was okay. Silver and Rarity was watching this scene with a shock looks on their faces.
"Beauty is a strong power." Silver stated.
"Ba-dum, tsss…" Rarity parodied the sound of drums, and pretended that she plays drums, too. Silver smiled and then looked at Tails. Fluttershy had helped Tails up after that little dilemma and Tails looked at Silver.
"Alright Mr. Prower come on we need to get dressed too." Silver said to the fox as he agrees as he and Silver get in the dressing room. The two go into separate rooms to change into the clothes that Rarity got for her boyfriend and herself. Girls was waiting for their guys. Short after a few seconds Tails come out and stood in a male-model pose. He was dressed in a long white jacket over his white shirt with three upper buttons undid, black pants and his usual red and white shoes. Fluttershy blushed and giggled shyly as she saw his new look, and she liked it.
"W-Wow, Tails y-you look stunning." She said trying to get the words out and Tails smiled at her kindly, before he went over to her and took her hands.
"You like it?" He asked. Fluttershy smiled.
"I love it." Fluttershy answered in amazement, causing him to blush and scratching the back of his head. Silver then came out in a nice red t-shirt with his chest fur peeps on top, black pants and black shoes. He was looks like an argentinian tango dancer. Much to Rarity's amazement as her eyes became wide and sparkled as a stars. Silver glanced at his girlfriend with a macho look on his face as he grinned at her. He approached her closer, before speaking.
"How do I look, baby?" He asked as his sexy voice could make her to lose consciousness right here. Rarity didn't answer to him as she rolled her eyes thoughtlessly by swaying from side to side as if she was ready to fall. Silver made his eyes wide in surprise as he knew what's going to happen and caught her in his arms before she lost her consciousness literally. He then took her up in bridal style by staring at her unconscious body and that dreamy smile on her face before he sighed in disappointment and his eyes narrowed again.
"Damn." He muttered to himself and then he glanced at his friends, "It seems that I may have overdone a little." He said grinning while Tails just looked at him with a plain expression.
"A little?" Tails asked him with a sarcastic tone in his voice by prompting Silver to frowning in response.
"Hey, I can't help it, if I have good looks." He said as Rarity looked to be coming out of it as she sees Silver carrying her. "Oh...dear, am I dreaming?" She said with excitement in her voice.
"Oh Rarity forgive me. I may have gone to far with my-" Silver couldn't finish cause Rarity place a finger on his lips. She then wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled.
"Oh Silvy you don't need to apologize. I think you look absolutely dazzling in those clothes." She said as she scratched his chest. Silver blushed at this and then lifted her on her feet. Once that was done the other couple were ready.
"So, can we get going?" Tails said as Silver puts Rarity on her feet. The two nod and then the group leave the store and head for the museum
F, FK, TTF, AC Hit Canterlot Part 1
Full Title: Fashionista, The Future Knight, The Twin Tailed Fox, and The Animal Caretaker hit Canterlot Part 1: Shopping
TOG: Okay that's the end of this chapter, we also want to thank BHG for helping us do most of this, unfortunately he and another guy who I won't say are now asleep.
NSH: Yeah really sorry about that guys. So yeah this is going to be a four part special. After this one we have another one that was given to us by Apexwolf. Oh also Snow had work to get done so it's just us 2 for right now.
TOG:Right, so we hope you guys enjoyed this and hope to see more to come.
NSH: Yep and as always R.F.F for more. So until next time this is NSH and TOG signing off.
Both: Bye
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